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Some of the featured items on this site are available in the ETSY store. In case you have never visited the site, it is a convenient and trustworthy place to find background informaion about items and finds which are vintage or antique. It is a treasure trove of infomation for collectors and bargain finding missions.

Quartz N Quirkz Shop is an extension of this blog site. Discussion about the value quartz is never – ending and is often the source of heated debates. Like everything, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure,” comes to mine when I think of all the times that I have pondered the actual ‘value’ of rock, and in this case, rock with a particular mineral structure which gives it a unique clarity, color, and density. Everything on earth is differentiated by the sum of all its parts. It is what adds diversity to manind, and unique shapes and sizes of rock, colors to blooming plants, and foilage to multitudes of native trees.

I have discovered what is actually in plain site. The value is determined by the uniqueness of the dig. Dig is a slang term referring to a ‘find’ or a cool piece you run across while digging. Size can matter here, especially if it is pretty to look at. The natural shape of a perfect single crystal is characterized by a pentagonal tip which is the actual formation created by the shift in the earth when the crystals formed. The actual time/date in history is not pin-pointed, but thousands of years ago is one way to say it.

Quartz can be crystal clear or solid white. Along with natural movement during the formation of the vein or pocket of crystals, there are other natural reasons that it can be different in appearance in different areas. Sometimes moisture is caught up for long periods of time in the pockets causing rusty coloration. Against these variety of colors from deep golden-yellow to pink, the crystal ofen looks even more awesome and unique.

The value of quartz crystal is determined by the unique aesthetic qualities, including clear points, the size and number of points in one cluster, and any other unique trait. One important feature that increases value no matter what is the shape of the -pentagonal point (Arknasas points are 5-sided pentagonal points of all sizes). If the tips are ‘dinged’ (another slang digger term) which refers to any knicks in the edges or top, then the value goes down. If the damage to a rock is natural and happens before man creeps into the mine, sometimes that increases value. On the other hand, if the healing has not begun, it is evident that the damage is a breakage due to the dig, then the rock loses value.

These interesting tips are just a little bit of the information important to the success of any crystal ‘rock hound’ – love that reference also. I have become one!


Welcome to Ouachita (lake and forest) and the beginnings of my journey into available  resources as a guide in my financial and personal endeavors. Welcome to

my site!


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